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What’s a Ghost Kitchens?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Ghost Kitchen, Cloud Kitchen or also known as Dark Kitchen is a business model specialized in deliveries (delivery). They usually do not have a customer service area, that is tables to serve. It is a commercial kitchen where only food is prepared to be withdrawn or sent home. Customers do not eat at the facility.

Orders can be placed via website and through specific Delivery applications or digital platforms.

These food industry businesses could mean lower initial investment costs, making the process more accessible to both first-time entrepreneurs and those seeking to diversify and increase their profits.

Delivery services have shown an exponential growth in recent times and together with them restaurants have been updated to adapt to new trends. The new mode of virtual restaurant, which has come to stay. They do not have a physical location, only food service to deliver and without lowering the quality of the dishes.

"We constantly try to adapt to new market trends but many businesses must close their doors because of the high costs involved. That’s why Kitchen’s Table aims to create a real opportunity for entrepreneurs to carry on their dreams" in the words of Kevin Gallopp.

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