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The future of the food industry

Adapting to a new reality

What do you think about receiving your favorite dish at the right time? Adapted to your tastes and with the best flavor? A complete service, transferring the essence of your favorite restaurant to your home and also complying with sanitary regulations.

The food industry, especially restaurants around the world, has had to innovate and adapt, in some cases adopting technological solutions. The technology applied in restaurants has served to automate the kitchen, serve and deliver food.

The modalities of Pick Up, takeaway and delivery service are multiplied. For some, this change was not entirely surprising given that they already offered these services, but for others it was a challenge.

To them were added options to sell baskets of products at home, sometimes coming from own gardens or farms.

An essential point was the efficiency in the management, trying to keep standing businesses that stopped generating revenue or that had a great reduction in their turnover due to having their doors closed. In addition to the implementation of technology for the design of delivery platforms, it opens up the possibility of improving internal management through Big Data.

Many questions arose around these new models. The truth is that the food industry has been one of the hardest hit in recent months. In this sense, the initiatives linked to its recovery have generated great expectations and support from investors and entrepreneurs around the world.

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