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Miami: the New Silicon Valley?

The pandemic not only caused human and economic losses but also led to a series of changes that forced the entire world to adapt to new circumstances.

The big educational centres, commercial exchanges, the management of information and documentation in general, banking transactions and more, had to bet on the use of technology and artificial intelligence to be able to continue with their functions.

In that process new technological poles emerge. Could we consider the city of Miami as a new alternative?

In recent years the migration to Miami has gained momentum and has registered the opening of a large number of new offices; transforming the city into a new and vibrant technology centre.

Among its reasons stand out the benefits from the tax point of view, having low taxes; in addition to good weather and beaches to enjoy outside working hours.

Of course there are doubts as to whether the city has the infrastructure and the talent to consolidate itself as a technology centre, although the opportunities are in sight.

Several companies have already opted for settling in, just as entrepreneurs have opted for buying properties in the city.

Kevin Gallopp. Frank Gallopp and Ricardo Gallopp are very excited to be working from the new Silicon Valley; currently forming major partnerships with talent in the United States and Latin America.

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