Virtual brands

Success stories

For new and independent restaurants, a ghost kitchen model offers considerable cost savings and efficiency improvements. Currently, around 100,000 restaurants of this type are in operation and more are opened every day. It is estimated that the ghost kitchen model could grow into a trillion dollar business over the next decade.


Here are some virtual restaurants that have been operating recently showing positive results.


It's Just Wings

It's Just Wings is one of the best known virtual restaurants in. You can order food from this brand at Doordash, delivered directly to you cooked from over 1,000 Chili's and Maggiano's kitchens.

It's Just Wings is generating sales at an annualized rate of $ 150 million, according to Brinker. That volume would instantly put him in Technomic's annual ranking of the 500 highest grossing restaurant chains.

The Burger Experience.

The restaurant chain Smokey Bones has created an exclusive virtual brand for burgers, The Burger Experience. They deliver in Chicago, New York and Miami through Uber Eats. The Burguer Experience has proven to be a huge sales winner for the company.

"The pandemic has changed the way customers interact with restaurants, now increasingly relying on delivery apps. Now is the time to innovate and invest in one of the most beloved menu items Americans: hamburgers.", said CEO James O'Reilly



The brand launched on GrubHub and later managed to expand to Uber Eats and Doordash. Pasqually’s currently operates from all Chuck E. Cheese locations.


"With the pandemic happening, we took the opportunity to compress the activation of the idea to launch Pasqually's," said Sherri Landry, CMO of CEC Entertainment. “People behave very differently. Third-party delivery sites have become the new Main Street. "Initially, Pasqually's accounted for about 15% of all CEC Entertainment sales, and that number has continued to grow, Landry said.

Krispy Rice


The popular sushi restaurant Katsuya has turned one of its star dishes into a completely new virtual restaurant. It is currently available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, California, and Chicago, with plans to expand to New York City and Miami.

“Now more than ever it is essential to innovate and find our guests where they need us most. Through the launch of Krispy Rice, we set a precedent for food delivery and the future of gastronomy, "said Sam Nazarian, Founder and CEO




This pizza brand is another virtual restaurant that emerged in major home delivery apps in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and soon in Columbus, Ohio. Operated by Hello Salted and using ghost kitchen facilities, Coliflower Pizza is a guilt-free indulgence, according to the brand.


Califlower is not just about an innovative restaurant model, it is also about the quality of the food.

Neighborhood Wings


Applebee's launched Applebee's Neighborhood Wings, currently operating in 700 locations. This concept is available to order through GrubHub.

With wings being one of the most popular delivery items during the pandemic, the restaurant chain wanted to take advantage of the fact that they are already quite a spectacular version.

It was revealed that sales turned very positive even during the pandemic, surpassing the previous year's figure by 0.9%.


Hayward's Hen House


The barbecue restaurant chain BBQ Holdings launched a virtual brand called Hayward's Henhouse currently operating out of nine Famous Dave's restaurants. This brand offers chicken wings, a chicken sandwich, a hamburger, and French fries.


"The evolution of moving toward a more efficient space was really exacerbated by the pandemic," said Crivello, CEO of BBq Holdings.

Si’s Chicken Kitchen


The owner of Si-Pie Pizzeria, contacted by Uber Eats about the high search traffic for chicken in his area, decided to open a ghost kitchen at his restaurant called Si's Chicken Kitchen. His new virtual brand allowed him to meet the growing demand for chicken in the area, while continuing to serve pizza to his loyal customers.

This new virtual kitchen has been open for about a year and averages around $ 1,000 a week in fried chicken sales, all made in the pizza joint kitchen.

Sales have already exceeded door-to-door sales of the original pizza concept.



Poke Café


Due to the lack of Poke concepts in Chicago, UberEats began reaching out to sush restaurants, to see if they were interested in becoming virtual delivery-only outlets.

Jack Chaiyarat, owner of the Rice Café sushi restaurant, was looking to do something different. Within days, his team developed a poke bowls menu and the virtual Poke Café launched through UberEats.


Poke Café now places around 100 orders a week, which he claims is more than $ 2,000 in sales.